How Important is filming during an Examination for Discovery?

During an examination for discovery, lawyers typically have more freedom to ask questions that they might not be able to pose during an actual trial.

In recent times, filming  examinations for discovery in Canada is still yet to trend, however, there are several benefits to filming an examination for discovery:

Bringing in the right element to the case:

Many people consume news via digital media. Recordings have become an essential way to relay facts, messages and report information which can help the lawyer better present his case in a format that people can easily digest.

Presenting a video of an examination:

The judge will be able to gain firsthand knowledge of what transpired – decreasing the chances of missing key points.

Capturing the Truth:

It could be said that how a person delivers a message is more significant than what they’re saying. Video captures every action, gesture and expression that a person exhibits during examination for discovery. Video format ensures that a witness cannot change their evidence at trial.

Solidifying the case:

Primarily a lawyer’s principle  task is to advocate for their client. Capturing the message in a video helps to enhance his argument simply by pointing out the change in body language or  facial overall abnormalities.

Although filming an examination of discovery may have many some benefits, hiring a professional videographer can come at a significant cost. Perhaps  recording the footage in-house is something to consider.

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