Are Younger Court Reporters in Demand?

The notion that court reporters have only a small part to play in the judicial system, is by far, incorrect. They have many important duties at trials, such as transcribing, gathering information, creating transcripts, and translating in some cases.  There are some court reporters who spend most of their time recording and preparing transcripts for out-of-court examinations.

Of late, there has been an increased demand for younger court reporters.  Here are the top 3 reasons why young court reporters are in demand:

1) Modern Technology:

There are various new technologies, which can assist courts with transcription in certain cases if there is shortage of court reporters.  However, it is still best to have a human involved with transcription, in particular to understand fast or unclear speech and recognizing homonyms.

2) Retirement:

As aging court reporters retire, there are more positions available for younger individuals who wish to pursue a career in court reporting.

3) Shortage and Opportunities:

There has been an increased demand for court reporters in North America because of shortage. Young professionals who complete a course in stenography have strong employment prospects.  A court reporter can expect to earn at least $21.58 per hour.  Some court reporters earn an annual salary of about $90,000.

With the growing need for court reporters and the adverse career statistics faced by many young workers, stenography remains an excellent opportunity for a career with strong earning potential and job security.

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