Court Reporting Services in Barrie Ontario

85 Bayfield St., Suite 300, Barrie, ON L4M 3A7
Phone: (249) 888-6652 |  Fax: (844) 638-2021

In our continued commitment to provide all our clients with access to reliable professional services, On The Record (OTR) has recently opened their new office which provides Court Reporting Services in Barrie, Ontario. The new branch will also be able to serve the whole of Simcoe County as well as the immediate surrounding areas.

Barrie continues to display exceptional economic upturn and growth over the past years and as a legal services provider, OTR has recognized the need of a new branch closer to its customers which would typically have to travel long distances and experience the stressful, fast paced environment of the Toronto business district. OTR brings a group of highly trained and experienced staff that can provide legal assistance and documentation of any proceeding. Now there’s no real need to travel to Toronto just to attend legal meetings and discussions.

Court Reporting Services and Meeting Facilities in Barrie

OTR is ready to assist with on-site court reporters to join clients in their legal talks and meetings.  Our on-site court reporters provide crucial assistance with documenting your meetings and providing experienced support to make your proceedings productive.  We also offer meeting facilities to compliment our court reporting services.  OTR is equipped with modern and stylish meetings rooms to host your mediations, arbitrations, conferences, depositions and more.  We offer professional legal services and room rental facilities to Barrie and the surrounding areas.

If you need to book court reporting services or rent a meeting space contact On The Record Court Reporting today!