The Importance Of Certified Transcripts Over Rough Drafts

Legal transcripts play an important role in the flow of legal information during the legal process. Lawyers rely heavily on legal transcripts to plan cases and construct winning strategies. But certified legal transcripts can also be quite expensive – opting for a cheaper draft is not uncommon. That is where ‘rough drafts’ come into play, it is popularly called by court reporters an unofficial, uncertified version of the official, certified transcript.

But the real question is, what does one gain in choosing a certified transcript over a rough draft?

Simply put, a certified transcript is the only official document that can be filed in court. A rough draft is not entertained as it is not entirely error-free and cross-checked by the parties involved.

Moreover, a certified legal transcript ensures that the transcriptionist and the parties involved stand firmly behind the document to the point of willing to testify under oath if necessary to its accuracy and authenticity.

Some of the primary traits of a certified transcript acceptable to legal standards are as follows:

  •  a completed title page
  •  an appearance page
  •  a certificate page
  •  a footer with the firm name
  •  the reporter’s name
  •  filled-in undertakings or requests
  •  filled-in exhibits
  •  filled-in headings

All these benefits come with choosing a certified transcript which the team at OTR is always committed to producing for our clients. Our focus on quality, precision and content is unrivalled!

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