Data Migration Tips For Law Firms

Legal firms are exploring new software implementation programs to keep up with the demands of a (post-pandemic) digitally accelerated work environment. In doing so, professionals are encouraged to cooperate with the firm’s data migration plans. OTR has compiled some tips for minimizing disruption and maintaining data quality in the transition to a new practice management system.

Data Familiarity

Most firms have multiple sources of data that will need to be moved to the new system. As a data inventory is created with the help of a specialist, the firm should make it a point to familiarize themselves with the data sets available. This can include client activity, finance or operational data.

Data migration plan

During this implementation, the firm’s project lead will propose a step-by-step migration plan detailing the efforts and troubleshooting the anomalies during the process. It’s the firm’s duty to inform the specialist about the particular data inventory routine to them which may include client contacts, matter files, filings, business documents, email folders, calendars, workflow elements, tasks and events. Upon this disclosure, the lead will decide how to optimally export the data to the new system.

Data cleaning

This should preferably be done before the data migration commencement, but it is never too late to clean even after carrying the data to the new system. It is important for businesses to review the data and eliminate duplicates or unused or inactive accounts.

Data security

Challenges are bound to happen during this process, so the firm must ensure the data team has safe and secure measures in place to migrate the data to the new system. It is advisable to ask the new providers about their data privacy protections and what must be done to safeguard client data.

Legal firms can greatly benefit from this move to a new practice management system and should take advantage of the data’s accessibility, security and insightful analytics to help with their routine tasks.

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