How court reporters can overcome digital fatigue

In response to the covid-19 pandemic, many firms across Canada (and globally) have adopted a digital-first remote working environment. The legal industry has followed suit and continues to have examinations for discovery online with court reporters working remotely at all times.

‘Digital fatigue’ is a state of mental exhaustion which is a side effect of prolonged screen time combined with social isolation in a home setting. In this blog, OTR discusses a few strategies to combat this fatigue.

Off-screen alternatives

Whenever feasible, try to transfer a portion of your work offline. From paper files to book research and phone calls – all these options might help minimize the amount of screen time you spend throughout the day.

Blue-light filters

All screen gadgets emit blue light which contains properties that can lead to eye strain, dry eye, ocular irritation, and can even interfere with your sleep cycle. Individuals wearing eyeglasses or contacts might already have blue-light filtering but those who don’t can change the screen settings to ‘night shift’ which infuses a colour balance to stay easy on the eyes.

Managing attention on zoom calls

During zoom meetings, reporters might be distracted by various phone apps and notifications that pry for attention especially if the zoom meeting is via smartphone. Creating a habit of switching off app notifications for the workday will help improve your focus on what’s at hand and also decrease ‘screen jumping’ where we tend to jump from our PCs to phones on our breaks.

Set boundaries

Fight the temptation to work after hours. In addition, try to avoid procrastination so you don’t have to be logged in late to complete some of your tasks.

Break time detachments

Stay digitally detached on your break. If possible getting outside for a quick walk or run will massively affect your mental well-being and would keep you refreshed for the later hours of the day. During your outdoor sessions, continue to stay off your phone as much as possible.

Deploying some of these strategies for the foreseeable future of your remote working can save you from a great deal of physical and mental stress.

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