Technological Skills Needed For Court Reporters In 2022

As the legal landscape embraces the technological demands of a rapidly evolving society, it has become even more important now than ever before to be software proficient. On The Record has put together a summary of some of the most sought-after skills the job market is pursuing in order to meet society’s standards. Some tech-related knowledge of the following can help boost a reporter’s career:

Video Conferencing

Using video conferencing for real-time examinations or trials is useful for reducing the cost of travel if the people involved are in numerous locations. Having practical knowledge to set up the equipment for video conferencing is necessary to facilitate progress.

Electronic Scanners & Apps

It is rare for physical documents to be mass-copied and distributed, so it would be beneficial to know how to use electronic scanners and smartphone-based scanning apps. For court reporters, having a smartphone-based scanning app at disposal ensures that a copy of the exhibits will still remain with the reporter if the witness wants to retain the original (assuming counsel agrees).

Google research

As a part of the legal profession, one might come across many unfamiliar terms, be it legal, medical, technical, or even proper names of clients. Understanding how to use Google and academic research tools will act to your benefit.

MS Office and other tools

A large part of a court reporter’s job is to transcribe documents for trial, and at times legal professionals might need these documents in various formats. In these instances, court reporters can make use of computer programs such as Microsoft Office, Open Office, or Google Docs.

Real-time Reporting

Most court reporters often work in real-time during discovery or trials. There are a few programs that can make a huge difference during this process. While the majority use StenoCast for point-to-multipoint data transmission, other programs like Bridge, CaseView, and Summation have their own perks of file management of which court reporters should have knowledge.

The reporter who stays current with new technologies and is willing to learn new skills is a valuable asset to any law firm. Continuous learning will greatly increase career opportunities for those individuals ready to develop their skillsets.

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