Questions to Ask When Hiring A Court Reporter

Every so often you may need to hire a court reporter for an examination or other legal proceeding. The record that will be created by the court reporter is vital for both you and your client. It is by no means an easy task to find and to retain a high-quality court reporter nor should it be taken lightly. The process can most definitely be overwhelming in any situation where a certified court reporter is needed. It is crucial to find a court reporter that is good and reliable.

But how do you go about choosing the right court reporter?

Here are some important considerations and key questions to ask when you’re hiring a court reporter;

Is the court reporter professional and confident in their work?

It is indispensable that a court reporter proffers oneself securely and professionally throughout the entire examination of discovery. Additionally, ensure that the court reporter holds certification within their field. Perhaps more notably, it is critical for the precision and exactness of the record that your court reporter is assertive and in control of the examination.

For example;

  • The court reporter asks questions when something is unclear.
  • Clarify spelling in a document; and
  • Court reports should never hesitate to ask whether something is on or off the record.

The court reporter must enforce the accuracy of the record. Therefore, the court reporter must be well-regarded, professional, and experienced.

Does the court reporter have access to technology to improve and increase the examination experience?

Court reporting firms in today’s society have access to many types of technology that can increase the convenience and reliability of an examination for discovery. Having the option to schedule examinations via videoconferencing can be even more impactful. Furthermore, having real-time reporting services allow you and your client to get the most out of your experience. Being able to receive transcripts can help you to continue preparing for the next steps.

What other services can they provide you with?

When your legal matters require more than a written transcript, it’s beneficial to work with a firm that can arrange a number of added litigation support services, as it will save time and minimize frustration on your end locating individual providers.

Court reporting firms typically have relationships with legal videographers, interpreters, and trial techs, and can quickly arrange these services along with scheduling your court reporter. In addition, they can assist in locating conference rooms, providing document assistance, and arranging video conferencing services for your matter.

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