How Lawyers can Benefit from Using Examination Transcripts

Experienced court reporters produce thorough, high-quality, and accurate transcripts. A court reporter’s precision and accuracy can have valuable benefits for a lawyer, by potentially shaping the outcome of the case.

There are 3 key advantages for lawyers using a clear transcript:

Formulate questions

By having a complete record of the examination transcript, a lawyer can formulate factually correct questions, decide what key statements need clarification, and determine which questions can be presented to the jury.

Formulate appeal

Transcripts provide an accurate record of testimonies that can be used as evidence in a trial. If a client is found guilty, lawyers can revisit the transcript to determine whether there were any errors. Ultimately this will aid in being able to cite procedural errors and present a miscarriage of justice to the appellate court.

Formulate trial plans

Some of the benefits that arise from studying a transcript include clarification of the facts and re-examining testimonies for better understanding. Furthermore, lawyers can take notes and review the case without the worry of misinterpreting the details.

In addition to these key advantages, transcript accuracy and clarity fosters trust towards the lawyer. Building this trust can have a positive influence in their practice in the long run.

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