A Lawyers Guide on How to Hire a Court Reporter

Choosing a legal professional is often thought to be a daunting process and oftentimes this decision is based upon the anticipated cost. The profusion of choice and other factors besides the financial obligation can also complicate the search, however choosing a highly skilled, experienced professional can determine the structure and management of your case, especially where court reporting is concerned.

Hiring a reputable court reporter often requires one to ask several questions:

1) How much experience do they have?

Naturally, you want a court reporter who is dependable and provides an excellent service. A court reporter who is highly respected in the industry and has a history of satisfied clients should have a digital footprint to which one can research. In addition, ask for referrals and/or references from past clients.

2) Does the reporter have experience working in highly technical litigation?

Handling complex litigation is a regular occurrence for lawyers and having a court reporter who is highly experienced in this area can be extremely useful. Technical terminology should be of familiarity to your court reporter, to ensure a complete and accurate record.

3) When will I receive my transcript?

A court reporter should be able to give you an estimate as to when you will receive the transcript. In fact, before hiring, a lawyer should gain insight into the normal turn-around time and express whether the transcript needs to be expedited.

The reality is, selecting an exceedingly good court reporter to assist in your examination of discovery can contribute to creating an easier process overall and ensure the reliability of the record produced. To make the most of your efficiency, a lawyer should select a full-service court reporting firm to eliminate the possibility of working with a different vendor for each aspect of the examination for discovery.

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