How Lawyers can Reduce Transcript Wait Time After Examination

Post examination, a lawyer will inquire as to when the court transcript will be available for review. Typically, the average time a court reporter takes to deliver a transcript can range anywhere between 10 to 14 days.

Informing due dates

Towards the end of an examination, lawyers should inform the reporter of the specific date on which the transcript will be required. By doing so, a court reporter has a clear deadline to work towards, allowing them to prioritize their tasks.

Ensure availability

At some point, reporters may need to contact a lawyer to either cross-check facts or gather more information regarding the case. For this purpose, lawyers should provide reporters with their contact details to eliminate a gap in communication. 

Format options

Lawyers should provide clear directions on the preferred method of transcript delivery. If transcripts are being mailed to the party, the recipient may experience a delay.

Taking small measures to help court reporters with their tasks makes all the difference. Acquiring a quality transcript on time takes effort from both sides – be aware that there is a human factor involved in transcribing. It is advisable to not rush a reporter with their duties.

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