In current times, legal professionals are slowly moving towards the usage of technology, as opposed to more traditional methods. However, there are often technical challenges regarding e-files and transcripts – the PDF format is best known for its compatibility, online reading, and print format.

For lawyers or legal assistants who constantly work with files, there are many reasons why saving files in a PDF format would best suit their purpose:


Adobe reader, which is typically installed on a PC, can help to open a PDF file. Your PC might already be using this free software, which unlike other formats, does not require additional software to open. It is readily available to view online, download or print PDF documents.


One advantage of using a PDF file is its compatibility to open on several devices. It functions normally on a Mac or PC, mobile phones, or even tablets. Being able to open documents on all devices ensures device compatibility. It makes a huge difference regardless of which device is being used at that particular moment.


Adobe Acrobat is an advanced version PDF software that comes with added features to do more than just read a PDF file. Here are a small set of functions it can perform:

  • Insert new pages into a PDF and eliminate pages
  • Reorder pages
  • Rotate pages
  • Add date stamps to documents
  • Zoom in on small text
  • Highlight important text passages
  • Search for text
  • Redact sensitive information
  • Tag important pages so you can quickly find them later
  • Make notes in the margins


It is important to observe that PDF formats have been used for a number of years across various industries. Additionally, because of its popularity, it is anticipated that PDF files will remain in use for many years to come, and this assurance of longevity will give lawyers or legal assistants an opportunity to widely include usage of PDF files in practice.

These are just some of the many reasons lawyers or other professionals in the legal industry can make use of PDF format, which ultimately helps in increasing productivity, correcting errors, device compatibility, and more.

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