How to select the Right Space for Examinations for Discovery or Examinations out of Court

When conducting an examination of a witness out of court and under oath, you should consider not only the procedural requirements of conducting the examination, but also the space in which the examination is conducted. Here are some tips to consider when choosing your examination space:

1) Consult all parties:

Ensure all parties and their lawyers agree to the examination date and location. When choosing the location for the examination, ensure that the examination room is equipped for your purpose.

2) Cautions for recording:

To ensure that your recordings are clear, the room’s sound levels should be considered. A noisy room could lead to unclear or distorted audio evidence, making it difficult for your court reporter to produce accurate transcripts.

3) Electronic adjustments:

The recording devices should be placed in the right position to capture the evidence given and should be technically capable of recording the evidence without distortion.

4) Room size and number of attendees:

The right sized room can help make the examination more comfortable. A room that is too small may make the parties feel uncomfortable or cramped. Similarly a larger room  may be a waste of space and money, as some court reporters charge more for larger rooms. Knowing the number of people who are attending the examination will help you determine the space or room size best suited to your examination.

At On The Record, we take pride in our ability to help you choose the right space for your needs.

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