In order to reduce the cost of litigation, lawyers are beginning to consider conducting the process of examination for discovery by telephone. This approach can save time and money for all parties involved.

Here are some tips for court reporters when dealing with examinations for discovery by telephone:

1) Visit the lawyers’ websites: It is advisable to visit the firm’s webpage in advance of the examination to obtain the lawyers’ full names and contact information to ensure that this information is recorded correctly.

2) Have the court reporter and the witnesses together: The easiest way to conduct proceedings over the phone is to have the court reporters and witnesses present in the same location. By doing so, it will be easier for the reporter to transcribe the witnesses’ oral testimony without constantly having to ask the witness to clarify or repeat themselves.

3) Ask participants to repeat themselves to ensure an accurate transcript: If necessary, ask the lawyer or others who are involved to repeat their questions or answers.  While this may result in a longer examination, it will also ensure that the transcript of the proceeding is more accurate.

4) Have the lawyers’ and witnesses’ profiles in front of you:  In order to keep track of all those involved in the discovery process, having their names and roles in front of you throughout the examination will make it easier for you to identify the person who is speaking.

5) Use technology to record the examination:  If the call is connected to a computer via recording software, the examination of discovery can be recorded for future reference. This can then be used to assist with the preparation of the discovery transcript.

While there are challenges related to this method of court reporting, it can be more cost effective and save time for those involved in the litigation process.

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