In the business world, the consistent rise of podcast listeners has led to a significantly growing opportunity for brands to create high-quality, well-executed, impactful marketing podcasts. But despite the trend in podcasting, many brands still wonder how podcasting can play a role in their overall marketing strategy.

The truth is that incorporating podcasts into a marketing strategy offers numerous benefits to any business. Here are some of the advantages that companies might gather from starting a podcast. 

  1. Builds Authority

Much like blog posts and other forms of content marketing, creating a podcast enables you to speak to your industry about your industry. Sharing genuine expertise and knowledge creates trust, familiarity, and authority.

People will start considering your podcasts as a piece of advice before making a buying decision. If it attracts more ratings, and participants, new visitors will see this as a positive and will want to join your podcast sessions. Regular podcasting with valuable information and creative ideas helps you establish your company as an authority in your field. You can create a podcast covering all areas of your niche interestingly. 

  1. Networking

Podcasting is the new networking. With this platform, you now have a persuasive reason to reach out to any leader in your industry. The more people you can connect with, the more you’ll increase the chances of leading to more opportunities and business for your company.

Along with networking and building referrals, podcasting can expand your public speaking skills as well which can lead to in-person speaking events.

  1. Increases traffic to your website

The audio portion of your podcast can drive traffic to your website simply because it helps to build your credibility and authority on your topic which often makes your audience want to visit your website to learn more. Another way this boosts site traffic is that podcasts often come with notes that allow individuals to review for resources and an outline of the podcast. 

  1. Builds Trust

Starting a podcast allows for you to showcase your personality and there’s a quality of authenticity being delivered to listeners that can help to build a foundation of trust. A podcast will help your listeners and potential customers to feel like they’re getting to know you on a personal level, or as if they’ve been in contact with you all along.

 Above all, there are so many reasons why small businesses should consider including a podcast in their digital marketing strategies. A podcast with well-researched content helps you get your ideas out to the world in a new way that people enjoy.

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