Is Court Reporting Crucial to the Judicial Process?

Court reporters go through extensive training and are responsible for recording everything that is said in court proceedings, from which they then create an official record – most commonly referred to as a transcript of the proceedings.

In a previous blog, we discussed how essential it is to not only hire a court reporter, but we also revealed tips on how to source a high-quality court reporter.  We now know that court reporters play a significant role in the court.

Generally, court reporters are often overlooked, nevertheless they are one of the most essential components which form the judicial system. Despite the fact that the role itself is undervalued, court reporters are tasked with an overwhelming yet necessary responsibility.

Court reporters are also often required to structure and examine the information within a transcript, permitting a lawyer to identify and assess a particular moment of a trial, should the need for clarity arise.

That said, it would be safe to say that without court reporters, it would be incredibly difficult to monitor and maintain a precise record of court proceedings in any trial. Even minute mistakes have the potential to influence the ruling of a case. Court reporters are crucial to the judicial process, ensuring that court records are preserved and protected. Additionally, there is certainly no substitute for a trained professional who can ultimately differentiate synonyms, retain accuracy and have strong language and punctuation skills, all without displaying any form of emotion, being unobtrusive and ensuring justice has been served.

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