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Paying Attention to Detail – Top Tips

  When it comes to court reporting, there is an heavy emphasis on paying attention to detail, primarily due to the nature of the task at hand. A substantial part of a reporter’s job is to take notes to present an accurate summary of the trial in real-time,...

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How Do Court Reporters Transcribe?

The duty of a court reporter is to transcribe spoken or recorded speech into written form with the use of a stenotype, a specialized typewriter. It is designed to allow shorthand typing for quick and easy transcription. The process is one in which helps to ensure...

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Are Younger Court Reporters in Demand?

The notion that court reporters have only a small part to play in the judicial system, is by far, incorrect. They have many important duties at trials, such as transcribing, gathering information, creating transcripts, and translating in some cases.  There are some...

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