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How Do Court Reporters Transcribe?

The duty of a court reporter is to transcribe spoken or recorded speech into written form with the use of a stenotype, a specialized typewriter. It is designed to allow shorthand typing for quick and easy transcription. The process is one in which helps to ensure...

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Are Younger Court Reporters in Demand?

The notion that court reporters have only a small part to play in the judicial system, is by far, incorrect. They have many important duties at trials, such as transcribing, gathering information, creating transcripts, and translating in some cases.  There are some...

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How to Perfect Your Craft as a Student Court Reporter – Follow these Effortless Tips and Tricks.

It is no secret that a court reporting career can be stressful. Although the rewards are appealing, there are certainly times when the abundance of responsibilities can be demanding. Having a plan in place to help combat the pressure can help ease the sense of being overwhelmed, a feeling experienced by many busy professionals at some point in their career.

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