The Online Image of Court Reporters

Building an image online can be very useful for freelance court reporters. As a cheaper alternative to paid advertising, maintaining an active digital presence can allow them to effectively showcase their brand and talents in an industry that is often overlooked.  When done right, an online presence utilizing the right platforms and strategic posting can boost professional engagements and enhance one’s reputation. Certain pitfalls should be avoided to prevent the opposite effect.

Create Professional Accounts:

Apart from having social media accounts like Facebook or Instagram, it may be more effective to focus on professional platforms that promote networking and increase the likelihood of being recognized by peers and potential clients. LinkedIn is a great source to connect with a relevant network simply by adding one’s professional credentials to a profile. Often, relevant connections will be suggested once the profile is online. Alternatively, seeking out previous clients and colleagues and adding them as contacts will make the profile more visible to others. In addition, there may be an opportunity to join an association dedicated to court reporters, which is another great way to ensure to get listed in additional networking profiles highlighting one’s skillset.

Engage with the right companies:

Always keep an eye on the social media presence of those within your industry. Engaging with their content in a professional manner contributes to a positive image. As opposed to merely following companies of interest, consider engaging with their content by commenting, liking and sharing. Demonstrating your knowledge regarding court reporting will spark conversations and open the door to future engagements.

Be sure to share your achievements in the field. Whether it was receiving a certification or completing an important assignment, let your professional network know how experienced you are in the field of court reporting.

Avoid Unparliamentary Posts:

Keeping in mind that almost nothing on the web is secret, avoid inappropriate posts in all shapes and forms. It could do serious damage to your image. Readers will base their opinion of you and their perception of your professionality and character from your online posts. It will be most difficult to delete a post from the internet once it is out there. Hence, be sure to write content with a clear and calm mind. It can be advisable to step away from a draft post and reread it at a later time before posting it to ensure the content is appropriate.

Remember that online platforms are an effective tool to shape your image. When crafting your online presence, be vigilant and maintain professional integrity to open doors to new opportunities.

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