Proofread for Precision

Proofread for Precision

Not all court reporting services are created equal. A critical step in rendering a transcript useful, is to have the transcript proofread – if the transcript doesn’t make cents sense, the record of one’s examination or arbitration, etc., will not serve the purpose it is meant to. Undertakings may not be recognized as such, or may not accurately reflect what was in fact undertaken. Questions and answers that are vitally important to one’s case may prove unclear or nonsensical as transcribed. A quality product simply cannot be guaranteed without a second or third set of eyes scanning each sentence, paragraph and page.

Nonetheless, many who obtain the services of a court reporter have found that proofreading does not always come standard. Whatever the reason for this, the final product will not likely meet customers’ expectations.

Now, there are obvious reasons why a court reporting service may not employ a proof-reader. Chief among them are cost and resources. Proof-readers cost money, and their effect on an organization’s bottom-line can be a strong disincentive to hiring them. This is particularly true of free-lance court reporters, or those working in a small organization.

Second, some court reporters may also simply not think they have a need for proof-readers. Yet the scope of errors a proof-reader can catch is surprisingly broad – typographical errors, punctuation errors, and, especially, live mispronunciations that lead to incoherent transcripts, etc. The more technical the language, the greater the risk of errors. Even an experienced court reporter, without help, can miss these.

Finally, some may assume technology will pick up the slack. We are all familiar with the shortcomings of voice-recognition software – Siri won’t make any spelling errors, but she is definitely liable to confuse your aunt with an ant. Simply put, it is not dependable enough to fully rely on.

Fortunately, On The Record Court Reporters recognize the value of precision. Proofreading is an important part of our product. We work closely with legal practitioners, and we have the resources, facilities and know how to consistently deliver what is expected. The next time you require a court reporter’s services, in Barrie, Whitby, or off-site in the Greater Toronto Area, Durham Region, Orillia, Gravenhurst and Simcoe County, we encourage you to contact us.