Court Reporting Whitby

Welcome to Whitby Ontario Sign- Location of OTR Court Reporting On the Record Court Reporting in Whitby provides professional court reporting services to support discoveries, mediations, arbitrations, examinations, U.S. depositions, and much more.  Our staff are highly qualified and experienced in all types of examinations including discoveries, examinations under oath, judgment debtors and more.  Our reporters are also well versed in U.S. standards which allows us to better meet our international clients’ needs.

We understand the importance of quality transcription in legal proceedings.  Our court reporters protect the integrity of every record they transcribe, and remain impartial and independent throughout the duration of the proceedings.  Our court reporters ensure the highest quality, verbatim transcripts and adhere to the highest professional standards and best practices.

Due to technological advances, speech-to-text software may be seen as a replacement for court reporting and may seem to be a logical replacement for human transcription services.  However, a machine cannot determine subtle nuances of speech, and often has difficulty picking up spoken word over shuffling of paper and other noises.  In addition, lawyers or clerks may forget to hit the record button, and a live court reporter can ask witnesses to repeat testimony if they are not speaking clearly or loudly enough.  Correct spelling of names is also an important consideration.  In addition, court reporters adhere to a code of ethics and must pass an exam to ensure the highest quality transcription services are provided.

Transcripts are an official record of what was spoken during the examination and are filed for future use.  There is no room for error – reporters must be both fast and accurate.  The presence of a court reporter also ensures that all involved in the legal proceeding are conscious of the words they speak, and are being held accountable for what they say.

Court reporting is no longer confined to the court room, and can take place anywhere a legal proceeding is taking place. That is why we also offer meeting room rental in Durham Region to suit clients’ mediation and dispute resolution needs. The rooms offer a pleasant and discreet neutral territory for our clients’ discussions. Our facilities consist of three newly-constructed, modern boardrooms with seating for ten, eight and six people, with break out areas where you and your clients can discuss matters confidentially.  Each room is equipped with teleconferencing systems, and presentation tools. Copy and scanning facilities are also available for use.  Full individualized catering can be arranged for the proceedings.

Legal proceedings can be very stressful, however, you can rest assured that you will experience only the utmost professionalism and confidentiality from On the Record Court Reporting.   Our knowledgeable and courteous staff are available at our client’s discretion throughout the entirety of the proceeding. Mediation rooms can be used for divorce mediations, estate mediations, contract disputes or any other legal mediation requirements.

If you are looking for quality Court Reporting in Whitby, On the Record Court Reporting’s caring and courteous staff will take care of all your needs, so you can have peace of mind.