Why Data Security Is Important For Court Reporters

It is fairly common for court reporting firms to handle sensitive and confidential information regularly through examinations, trials and mediations. These transcripts are then sent via e-mail as well as through post to the parties involved. Reporters have a duty to make sure that these transcripts are stored securely on electronic devices.

OTR has compiled a few tips to help reporters keep their data secure:

Avoid Cloud Storage

Whenever possible, avoid storing sensitive information on cloud storage, but rather opt for servers, hard drives or USB sticks which makes it difficult for hackers to access information.

Backup Data Regularly

All documents must be backed up externally in addition to your work servers at the end of the day in order to avoid losing transcripts to technical glitches that could possibly wipe out your unsaved work.

Beware of Phishing

Multiple times you might receive emails or other forms of communication for information requests. Some emails might come with malware attached which could damage your PC if opened. Always check the email address before opening any attachments or providing any sensitive information and cross-check with the firm before giving a response.

Update Software

Software updates can patch security vulnerabilities and are critical to data security. Installing anti-virus software also helps to keep your PC safe from digital threats.

Enforce Strong Security Policies

Court reporters must ensure that online websites and video services are keeping captured data secure and should list what security protocols they utilize for this purpose. If at any time you are not confident in their security measures for any reason, please bring it up to those in charge.

By applying these secure strategies, court reporters and firms can keep their data secure and instill confidence in their clients for their work ethics.

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