5 Ways to Maintain a Productive Mindset During an Examination

One of the most crucial moments leading up to trial is discovery. Discoveries are not only essential, but they can often be an important part of a lawyer’s trial because it is an opportunity for them to take advantage of the situation and strengthen, receive feedback, and assess the evidence that they have. Making the best use of this examination can be achieved through maintaining a productive mindset during the process

Follow these 5 steps to boost your productivity.

  1. Stay Hydrated – studies show that just a 1% drop in hydration, can lead to a 12% reduction in productivity. an even scarier statistic is that a 3-4% drop in hydration can lead to a drop in productivity of between 25-50%. In order to maintain a productive mindset, you must ensure that you are hydrated and you have limited your coffee intake for the day to 4 cups.
  2. Disable Notifications – Especially during the new era of meetings where it is almost automatically assumed that they are going to be virtually through Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you need to ensure that notifications are not popping up in the background during your calls. These notifications will not only be distracting to you, but they can also disturb the other parties that are participating in the meeting
  3. Bookmark Random Thoughts – sometimes you might find that you come up with the most brilliant idea and thing to say, at a time where it might not be your turn to speak. Ensure that you have a pad of paper, or a notebook present during all of your meetings so you are able to take notes on the random thoughts that you have, you never know how important they may be later in your meeting or even during trial.
  4. Take time for yourself throughout the day – In order to be productive, you must have a clear mind and the ability to think fluidly. Do this by taking a short 15 minutes out of your day to go outside and take a walk, have a laugh with work colleagues, or even meditate. these short but effective activities can make all the difference in your production and help you stay sharp during all meetings.
  5. Have your meetings in a professional workspace – Once the stages of the reopening process begin in Ontario, ensure that you are having your meetings in a boardroom that allows you to think clearly without distractions. For now, and until in-person meetings begin to resume, ensure that your workplace is tidy and free of clutter. Try to make your temporary make-shift home office feel as professional as the one at work, even though you may be sharing it with a child who is doing finger painting.

Although these tips may seem unimportant, working them into your practice can go a long way. It’s not out of the ordinary to be distracted, especially when you are working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. In order to react to these new challenges that we now face during our regular workdays, we must ensure to be as productive, and as focused as we possibly can.

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