Although an examination for discovery is an initial step towards a trial, it also remains a crucial one. On this note, lawyers should take advantage of the situation, receiving feedback and assessing evidence to affirm the strength of the case. Making the best use of the examination can be achieved by maintaining a productive mindset during the proceeding.

Here are a few tips to boost your productivity:

Remove distractions

It is easy to be distracted by a number of ongoing trials, but the main focus at that point should be the examination. Additionally, singling out major distractions like unnecessary noise or tasks that may deviate your attention can be a good start. Once these are recognized, take necessary measures to prevent them.

Disable notifications

Often, lawyers forget to turn off their phones during an examination and in this event, it is easy to be distracted by the constant vibration. If it is not possible to turn off the phone, perhaps consider turning off the data connection or activate airplane mode.

Bookmarking random thoughts

While seated at an examination, keep a small notebook where you can jot down important points during the proceeding. Whenever random thoughts come to mind, write them down, this quickly alerts the cognitive mind of unwanted information, bringing you back to focus.

Meditate before pre-trial

Take at least 15 mins for yourself to quiet the mind by meditation. This can be done at any part of the day, but always before the proceeding. The idea is to allow the mind to focus on one particular train of thought and not depart from it. This can make a stellar impact on your mood as well as productivity levels.

Although these tips may seem unimportant, working them into practice can help go a long way. It is definitely natural to be distracted, or find it challenging to be mentally productive during trials, but cultivating the habit of applying the aforementioned tips can have a large impact on the results.

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