Court reporters are a valuable asset to the courtroom, especially during trials. Court officials rely on a court reporter’s ability to accurately report in an unbiased fashion. Generally, lawyers benefit the most from court reporters and lawyers know that they can depend on them for accuracy in transcripts.

Here are a few things lawyers for which can depend upon a court reporter:

Reporters are professional

Lawyers are usually responsible for their own relationships with clients and this can be challenging when disputes arise during trials. At this point, a court reporter always maintains a calm demeanour performing their job with accuracy.

Delivering on time

Court reporters work under pressure due to the fact that in most cases, a client is awaiting the final transcript.  It is understandable that transcripts need to be delivered as soon as possible because clients may have deadlines in which to adhere.  

Being tech-savvy

Of late, technology has played an integral part in examinations or trials. Lawyers can be reliant on court reporters to fulfil their technology requirements.  Court reporters can provide transcripts in various formats or translations. In addition, reporters can assist with real-time examinations for discovery through live streaming.

Keeping it clear

Each individual trial is of utmost importance to the client and their lawyers. Court reporters understand this and work towards providing an accurate transcript. Court reporters are trained to type faster, listen attentively, act neutral, and produce a clean record of the proceeding. 

Taking all of this into consideration, lawyers have always held a great deal of regard for court reporters knowing that they remain very neutral in their job and assist with the facts, whenever necessary.

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