When it comes to court reporting, there is an heavy emphasis on paying attention to detail, primarily due to the nature of the task at hand. A substantial part of a reporter’s job is to take notes to present an accurate summary of the trial in real-time, therefore it is crucial to pay attention to detail. This practice bolsters one’s reputation as a responsible and competent professional.

Here are a few tips on becoming more detail oriented:


Proofread Proofreading is an important aspect of transcribing and it is  recommended that one examine the transcription before submission, multiple times.    Additionally, rather than attempting to read it online or in the Computer-Aided Transcription  software, print a hard copy.. This would allow for the reader to have a  fresh perspective with no strain on the eyes.

Editing meticulously  – It is not advisable to rush when it comes to the task of editing, there is a good chance you will fail to notice minor grammatical errors and punctuation. In addition, it is vital to have a keen eye for spellings of names and locations, always obtain a copy of IDs of those involved in the trial to rectify spellings, if need be.

Focus on flow – Consistency is key when it comes to detail, try not to be distracted by  other sources of entertainment such as music or browsing the internet. Turn the ad blocker on, retreat to a quiet place, make sure there are minimal distractions to help you keep focused. Keep in mind that the quality produced is far superior than maxing deadlines. Taking some extra time will help eliminate minor errors, after all a high-quality and accurate transcript contributes to a reporter’s reputation.

When a due date is looming, it is hard not to rush. Rushing and cutting corners often leads to making mistakes, this may sound like a conflicting statement, but the most important time to practice slowing down is when a reporter is under a time deadline.


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