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How to Perfect Your Craft as a Student Court Reporter – Follow these Effortless Tips and Tricks.

It is no secret that a court reporting career can be stressful. Although the rewards are appealing, there are certainly times when the abundance of responsibilities can be demanding. Having a plan in place to help combat the pressure can help ease the sense of being overwhelmed, a feeling experienced by many busy professionals at some point in their career.

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Should I Hire a Court Reporter?

Should I Hire a Court Reporter? It is by no means an easy task to find and to retain a high-quality court reporter. The abundance of available choices can leave one feeling overwhelmed, particularly if a certified court reporter is required. For those who aren’t legal... read more

IPSO Rules Against published two articles online which caused a man to complain to the Independent Press Standards Organisation and identified that they breached Clause (Victims of Sexual Assault) of the Editors’ Code of Practice. Clause 11 requires that the press must... read more

How Does A Court Reporter Type So Fast?

Court reporters sit silently in proceedings, mediation, and meetings listening to every word being said while simultaneously typing away at a pace reaching upwards of 225 wpm. They do this job effortlessly, however, court reporters weren’t born that way. Just like any... read more

Court Reporters vs. Audio Recordings

Court reporters are making their way back into court rooms, mediations, meetings, and even interviews in the digital age, for reasons most people may already know. With technology advancing every day, you’d think that it would begin to take over all of our jobs. That... read more

5 Tips For An Effective Meeting

Although meetings are often a great tool to drive productivity and focus in the workplace, poorly run meetings can be a waste of time and leave everyone feeling frustrated. Here are our 5 tips for running an effective meeting. 1. Provide an Agenda It’s easy to get off... read more

2017 Oscars: Best Picture Mix-Up

“The Oscar for Best Picture goes to… Emma Stone, La La Land?!” Wait…what?! As we are all aware of by now, when the last award of the night was presented there was quite a bit of confusion. Being the biggest award of the night, you’d never expect something to go wrong... read more